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Not too fast, not too slow, and very clearly spoken. Interesting topics, and a focus on Mexican culture and colloquial Mexican Spanish.

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In case you're curious, my other two favorite Spanish podcasts are "Spanish Obsessed" for beginner and intermediate and "Radio Ambulante" for high intermediate and Advanced. Honorable mention goes to "Unlimited Spanish" for high beginner to medium high intermediate. Apple Podcasts Preview. Show 10 More Episodes.

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The reason the chessboard reference is true is that the pieces move from hither to yon across the squares cuadritos , jumping in apparently difficult moves, some backward, some forward, some to the side. In other words, if you don't know the moves, it's really complicated. Like someone who makes you jump and then changes the rules in mid-stream, to mix a metaphor. As I understand it, like most phrases, hacer la vida de cuadritos can also be dialed up by sprinkling in a choice word, effectively turning it into something like our phrase, "makes life a living hell".

Okay, here's a very common and very useful one. I spent the day with a friend in Guadalajara and he used it and I was so annoyed I couldn't remember the meaning. Maybe with that incident, and this reminder, I will remember next time.

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Before asking my sources or, God forbid, using Sr. Google, I think I'll just flail around and make a fool of myself. That's more fun. Does caer el veinte by any chance mean you've exited your twenties, entered your thirties, and are no longer "j oven "? Well, since nobody else was playing, I finally cheated and looked them up. According to what I found Caer el veinte is an idiomatic expression used when you finally realize or understand something.

Sort of like darse cuenta only more emphatic and with more urgency. I suddenly realized Now I've got it! You buy a kilo of tomatos and the vender tossese an extra into the bag after weighing them out. A piece of candy handed to a kid in the store.

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Are those correct? I think my Spanish teacher has told me about caer el veinte before, but it had become lost in a pile of randomly filled notebooks.

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The phrase comes from Mexico's olden days, when a pay phone call cost 20 centavos. You put the money in the slot, dialed the number, and when your party picked up the phone, the 20 centavo coin fell into the coinbox. Note the form, a bit different from what you typed. You can post now and register later.

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