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It's common to see people arrive in groups.

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Some show up in Thanksgiving-themed costumes. Last year, Parkway partnered with the Al Copeland Foundation for a skip-the-line deal that returns for This year, the special sandwiches will be served Nov. Toggle navigation. You can be a foodie — during the rest of the year.

You can make your dishes more healthful, you can choose organic ingredients or locally available ones; you can make their construction more in line with whatever principles normally drive your dining choices. But major family holidays are not when you should make those improvements.

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The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. Here are some tips. The Thanksgiving table can be an emotional battlefield.

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Whether because of resurfaced sibling rivalry, blended-family tensions or mealtime political debate, the togetherness that we hope will inspire gratitude is notorious for causing stress instead. One subtle insult or off-color comment from a relative, and it begins: You feel your blood pressure rising, your palms sweating, your face getting hot. But eating emotionally, which conventional wisdom says is dysfunctional and even pathological, is actually just a normal part of being human.

In the minds of many, restriction is a sign of discipline and health.


But ironically, people who are restricting their eating are actually more likely to engage in stress eating. And this behavior tends to dissipate or disappear when the deprivation stops. We know why this is. Psychologists believe dieting puts eating under conscious cognitive control — meaning dieters exert mental effort to control their intake.

Intuitive eaters, on the other hand, get cues about when and what to eat primarily from their bodies. Not only that, but restrained eating can actually cause an increase in negative emotions. The experiment, conducted at the University of Minnesota in the s, was aimed at studying the effects of starvation and re-feeding on the human body to figure out how to provide effective food aid to countries ravaged by World War II.

The researchers selected a group of 36 young men whom they deemed to be exceptional models of health.

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The men were conscientious objectors to World War II, who had strong convictions against killing and violence. By all accounts, these volunteers were well-adjusted, mature, peaceful people before they enrolled, but as the experiment progressed … not so much. The researchers put the men on a diet that was calculated to meet a little more than half of their actual energy needs, for six months. On the diet, these previously happy men became irritable, anxious, unmotivated, emotionally unpredictable and unable to concentrate.

They became obsessed with food, lingering for hours over meals and making weird concoctions. Two volunteers were even kicked out of the experiment because they broke the diet — one by stealing and eating raw rutabagas and another by eating garbage scraps. Both of these men also suffered severe psychological distress and spent time in the psychiatric ward of the university hospital. These profound psychological changes, the Minnesota researchers found, were the result of restrictive eating.

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In one study , for example, researchers analyzed data from American men and women and found that people with higher intuitive-eating scores had more positive moods; greater body appreciation and greater overall life satisfaction; and lower levels of unhappiness, binge eating and food preoccupation than those who scored higher on measures of flexible dietary control. Food deprivation of any kind seems to play a role in creating the very mental conditions that lead people to want to self-soothe with food.

I teach online courses for people who want to stop spending so much time worrying about food and their bodies. But NO, I was freaking starving. All those years of running kids around, hauling groceries, playing tennis, cleaning house — then trying to survive on [too little food] for breakfast and lunch. So why do so many people worry about and demonize so-called emotional eating?

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