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That being said the ending that was resented was very bittersweet, it's full of all the warm fuzzy feelings that a great ending has but it also gives off a sad one as it poses a realistic ending and in life there aren't always happy ending. Rating: This book is amazing, even though there were a few things that would have made this a bit better it's still a fantastic read. Feb 28, Jennifer rated it liked it. Since Lily was little she remembers Iris.

Another girl in her head that speaks to her and has become an important part of her. The night before her birthday, she hears her parents talking about a secret that they will finally reveal to Lily. Her dad dies in a tragic accident the next day and her mom closes herself and refuses to answer any of Lily's questions about what they were going to tell her. Iris is slowly remember things about what might be her former life and pushes Lily to investigate her dad's shed.

Lily begins questioning how Iris came to be. Is she a ghost haunting her or is Lily just crazy? The new guy in town, Ty, came searching for help for his brother. He knows more about Lily's dad's past than he is letting on.

Although I had a good guess as to what was going on with Lily and Iris I really enjoyed Lily uncovering each clue. I was really annoyed and angry with her mom for not just telling Lily the truth.

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For making her go behind her back and search through her father's things. I didn't understand why she wouldn't just be honest. When it was all revealed I sort of understood but a secret like that could have never stayed hidden forever. I enjoyed the relationship between Lily and Iris. I would think having another person inside your head would drive someone crazy, but like in other books such as The Host and What's Left of Me, Lily and Iris have a special friendship.

Lily often depends on Iris. My favorite character was Lily's best friend Wyatt. Lily lives in a secluded area and is home schooled but Wyatt is a nearby neighbor and life long friend.

The Shadow Girl

He was very sweet and loyal. I was disappointed and most annoyed that Lily begins to have feelings for Ty while developing more than friendship feelings for Wyatt. I felt like she lead Wyatt on and hurt him. It became a love triangle with jumping back and forth between the boys. The ending was open so I still don't even know for sure where her heart truly laid but I preferred Wyatt.

Ty's secrets didn't seem the best way to build a relationship. The ending was left a bit more open that I would have liked. The lead up to the big reveal fell a little short for me. There were some scary characters mentioned that I thought maybe would have showed up or had a bigger impact but they didn't. Lily handles everything really remarkably and it does end with all major questions answered. I'd never try to hurt or confuse you. As our mouths meet, and I taste his lips and our breaths mingle, I can't understand what's happening to me.

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How can this be Wyatt who is turning my body to liquid heat? How can I be kissing him back as if I'm starving for him? This is the story of Lily and Iris.

Lily lives a fairly normal life, except for one thingshe has always had a voice in her head, a consciousness inside her apart from her own. For the most part, she thinks nothing of it, it's all she's ever known. They support eachother, cheer eachother; it's a second opinion, another idea. It's Iris. But what is Iris, really? And what is this big mysterious danger that her parents seem to think she needs protecting from? That's where the real stor This is the story of Lily and Iris. That's where the real story lies. I enjoyed watching this intriguing plot unfold so much. While I admit that once I hit a certain point, I got a pretty strong inkling of what was really going on, but the exact details always escaped me until I watched the secrets completely unravel into Lily's lap.

The only thing I didn't absolutely love about this one was the love story.

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Unfortunately, the triangle really plays a bigger part in the story than I think it needed to. While they both could have been two people in her life helping her through an incredible tough time and helping her find out what really happened, as love interests both Ty and Lily's best friend, Wyatt, became petty little boys.

I couldn't get behind Tyhe is kind, but you know from the very beginning that he is just hiding way too many secrets. Even if his intentions were good, he just went about them in such a backward and shady way. And Wyattloved him as Lily's friend, but once they start toward something more, he just got whiney and overprotective and surprisingly insensative toward the fact that his best friend's dad just died.

They both have their good moments, but they both definitely also have their bad ones. BUT love story aside, the concept and mystery of Lily and Iris was strong enough on it's own to really keep me enthralled with this story. I love fact that until almost the end, you really don't know if you're reading a psychological thriller, a ghost story, a sci-fi, a paranormalit really could have gone any direction. It really compells you to need to hear the truth. And when the ball finally dropped, I was completely satisfied with the direction the story took and how it ended: with Lily really making peace with the truth and using it in the best way she could.

I really enjoyed this one and recommend it! Jul 01, Stephanie Ward rated it really liked it Shelves: for-review , owned , print-arc.

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After overhearing a strange conversation between her parents and her father's final - and cryptic - words to her, Lily begins to wonder what big secret her parents have been keeping from her. The shadowy figure inside Lily's consciousness and mind - Iris - begins to push Lily to find out what her par 4. The shadowy figure inside Lily's consciousness and mind - Iris - begins to push Lily to find out what her parent's are hiding.

What they discover will completely rock Lily's family, Iris' existence, and Lily's own identity. This book was a mix of a masterful mystery and a supernatural story. I loved the twists and turns that filled the story - each one pressing me forward alongside Lily on her quest to figure out the big secret her parents have kept from her. The way the mystery is written, with only small snippets of clues and some flashbacks, really engages the reader to unravel the enigma and finally release the secrets that have been locked tightly away.

The characters were interesting and quirky, especially the Lily and Iris relationship. Iris was a big part of the mystery and I found her to be fascinating and unnerving at the same time, only because I couldn't fully guess at her role in the book. Lily was a great main character and I immediately liked her and found myself pursuing the truth along with her throughout the novel.

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There is a bit of a love triangle in the story between Lily, Wyatt - her best friend since forever, and Ty - the mysterious and gorgeous stranger in town. Ty's role is also a bit of a mystery in the novel, at least for a while. It's clear that he somehow plays a bigger role than a love interest and I loved trying to figure out how he fit into the mix.

The writing was very well done and the story was fast paced and exciting. The plot was unique and certainly was a breath of fresh air into the YA genre.