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Write a Review. Related Searches. All I Remember of Earth. A multi-generational starship with a mission to bring their mathematically perfect totalitarian state to the A multi-generational starship with a mission to bring their mathematically perfect totalitarian state to the rest of the universe begins to fall into disorder, and the chief engineer grasps for a new purpose in life.

A surreal story told through View Product. Earth Abides. An instant classic upon its original publication in and winner of the first International An instant classic upon its original publication in and winner of the first International Fantasy Award, Earth Abides ranks with On the Beach and Riddley Walker as one of our most provocative and finely wrought post-apocalyptic works of literature. Falling Through the Earth: A Memoir. From her charismatic father, Danielle Trussoni learned how to rock and A Friend of the Earth.

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Global warming is a reality. The biosphere has collapsed View Larger Image.

The Universe Probably 'Remembers' Every Single Gravitational Wave

Ask Seller a Question. Illustrator: Cover: John and Laura Lakey.

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Cimarron Langtry joins forces with a mercenary, a giant, a healer, and the new Comanches to fight the army of Clankers that is occupying their land. Visit Seller's Storefront.

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    Take the spontaneous canine dance of Three Dog Vortex.

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    Like ancient guardians these three hounds swirl round a puddle amid a landscape that appears to have been in wait since the beginning of creation. An ordinary pool of water becomes a portal to another world, not unlike like the mirror Alice stepped through on that fateful day. Following Her Path offers another enigmatic view into parallel universes.

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    It first strikes me as the simplest compositions: white above, black below. An empty morning sky, too weak still, to chase away the night, then gives way to the earth and a jungle of dried fennel stems rooted below. Think of a strange loop turning the perceived world inside out; the ant on the mobius strip coming and going at the same time. When you look at Mr.