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Royal Wedding thoughts to come.


At this time of celebration over here, Mo and I are thinking of you all - our hearts go out to you all. Brian and Mo.

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Rest easy, the DVR is set for a. Before you drop off to sleep tonight we have one last pre-wedding entry by our fabulous, British-Brit-Brian, who returned home from work this evening and dashed off this report. Read on There are thousands of people sleeping out tonight along The Mall the road that leads from Buckingham Palace and the other roads leading to The Abbey.

It will be cold tonight 9 centigrade but us Brits and people from other countries are made of strong stuff - they are camping put tonight - just to ensure that they have a good vantage point and are there on the day. People are saying they feel they are part of the whole event. Princes William and Henry live in Clarence House - which is on The Mall - and must have heard and seen the people waiting for tomorrow. So, guess what - they came out and spent lots of time chatting to everyone camping pit - I bet the security men had a fit! People are dressed in The Union Flag and all are wearing party clothing - but I bet lots are wrapped up now from the cold.

So, it will all happen tomorrow - a report will be forthcoming if I am still sober after celebrating with sparkling wine and my own home made wine! Tonight - although Mo and I found that we were not able to attend prior commitment! Finally, just to show how much love there is about - William and Catherine that is her full name have already thanked people in a message that said, "We are both so delighted that you are able to join us in celebrating what we hope will be one of the happiest days of our lives.

The affection shown to us by so many people during our engagement has been incredibly moving, and has touched us both deeply. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone most sincerely for their kindness. Good night good reader Brian and Mo p.

I can't wait!! Can you feel it? Excitement is swelling over in Merry Old England.

Well, dust off that tiara I have to get mine away from my Cavi-Girl , grab a banger and scone Our friend, British-Brit-Brian, gives us his views and slaps us harshly with the news that Gaz and I don't stand a chance in hell of being invited-even though two seats have JUST become available. Well, neither he nor Mo will be tiaring up and taking seats, so there you go. Therefore, let's get to it. I've already told you the bad news that neither you and Gaz, or Mo and myself have been invited to the Abbey - surely it must have been an administrative oversight?!

Well, the TV news and papers have told us that, for 2 days now, people have been camping out on the pavements near the Abbey and all the best viewing points! There already is a camaraderie amongst these members of the public, people's places are "kept" by others when they need to leave their spot to get food, drink, go to the loo etc - typically British - you know that us Brits like to queue for everything! I think that all this shows what us Brits really think of our Royal Family - some we may think of as a "waste of space", but people like The Queen, Charles, William, Henry, even Camilla and Princess Anne are held in high esteem.

The Queen, because she is Head of State - but has no political power only the Brits could have invented this scenario - Charles because he will be King - the others; well if you look at the number of official engagements they carry out and add to this the support often carried in a "quiet way and not visible to the public that they give to charities and local organisations, without asking for praise, means a lot to us over here. I can understand where Republicans are coming from - but, if we had an elected President not like yours, who has the same political role as our Prime Minister, but one that has no direct political power all that would happen is that some ex-political probably one who had lost an election would throw their hat into the ring.

So we would end up with a "has been" - one who the people have already said "we have no confidence in you. Back to the Big Day. Also, remember my note about who was invited to the service i. I know what you are thinking - "well that means 2 "free" places, what about us?

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I'll tell you more but, if you may want to go on The Times web site -or any UK paper. If you have an ipad and subscribe to The times, then they will have on-line coverage, reports, photos etc Anyhow, I'll tell you more tomorrow - Mo and I will be raising a glass, hope uoi can join us Brian and Mo Kids, don't leave us now. More to come!! The Bainbridges of the Palm Beaches. Available on Nook, iPhone and iPad.


Check it out! Salud, Kids, Big Ben is ticking and that wedding is almost on the horizon. But, first-let's rag on another Kate. There she was yesterday morning on the Today Show. Promoting a movie while chatting and giggling with Matt Lauer; blah, blah, blah. Good for her and all, but more importantly? The baby, um, bump. Man, looks like it is getting close. However, the absolute most important revelation of the entire interview was not that she doesn't know the sex of the child, but the rock sitting there. You know, on her finger. For the love of diamonds and who doesn't?

To continue, please check the box below:

The Kate H. We all know both Kate H. Honestly, I wanted to pop in something bright and cheery because I get a little sad when I see that ring perched on Kate M's special finger. Sad because it belonged to Diana, and she is gone and will not see her first-born son and share his joy on such a special day. Yes, very sad indeed. Happier is the news received from British-Brit-Brian over there in Bath. Not as in Loo As promised, he is keeping us up-to-royal-snuff on the shenanigans.

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Today, he sends a link on the dress rehearsal. Sadly, it doesn't seem to work properly, so I have dropped it in for you to cut and paste, if interested. Grab the URL and go have a peek!! Ah, everything is so hoity-toity now, there's a word you can't use everyday, wait, I live in the Palm Beaches, so never mind with all things William and Catherine is it K or C?

Therefore, it is my duty to slap us down a bit with this clip from one of my favorite films, Four Weddings and a Funeral. Let's just hope the ceremony at the Abbey on the 29th fares better. Well, they would have it no other way, right? Oh, after the clip, read on as there is more from that British-Brit-Brian, you will enjoy what he has to say about how they will celebrate this charming couple. The Country is now getting ready to celebrate the "event" The 29th will be a public holiday we call them "bank holidays" just to be awkward - so there will be lots of celebrating Local councils have received a lot of requests to close streets for parties etc - you will not believe the "red tape" that many councils surround themselves with - I am sure they do it just to feel important moan over One thing is certain, people will be celebrating on the streets of London - Mo and I and family of course will be doing the same - we just hope it is a lovely day, especially after all this good weather we are having The papers have been full of "tittle tattle" for some time now - it is all a ruse to sell more papers For example - the other day, even The Times had a one page spread about Kate going shopping - photos, details of what she bought etc You would think that no bride has ever gone shopping before her wedding!

The papers are full of Kate this and Kate the other - but hardly anything about William us chaps know all about this - we have just got to grin and bear it - we are such a fantastic gender!!

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However, William has asked the Press for some time - 2 years - of low levels of cover - so they can begin their life together. But the list is very interesting Some politicians are out Blair and Brown Some are in - John Major William has invited a good number of his Service colleagues William is a RAF helicopter pilot seconded to Search and Rescue Those invited include all ranks - this tells you a lot about the chap himself and the strength of Service camaraderie They have also invited as number of disabled service people many with horrific injuries - these are people that both Princes William and Harry have met during their tours of duty especially in Afghanistan Kate's family live in a small village called Bucklebury - some 50 miles from London So she has invited a number of people from the village to the be at the Abbey These include the butcher and the people who run the local Post Office and shop You can image their astonishment when they received their invitation - if it was me; you would have heard the shout in Florida!

Unfortunately, there will always be people who will use every opportunity to press their own points of view. Some writers have bemoaned the invitations that have gone out to the rulers of certain countries including those with a less than average human rights history.

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So, out come the pundits - "why has the Queen invited so and so? To make matters worse - the pundits know this, but still make full use of their chance to get noticed.