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A Counterfeit Presentment recounts an out-of-the-ordinary encounter that takes place in a hotel lobby.

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In The Parlour Car, Howells blends his trademark brand of social realism with a more traditional comedy of manners. Five O'Clock Tea: Farce. William Howells.

The Register: A Farce. In the late s, novelist and poet William Dean Howells began to write a series of short comic plays he called farces, often dealing with episodes drawn from day-to-day life. The Elevator. In one of William Dean Howells' humorous farces, the then-cutting-edge technological development of the elevator becomes an inescapable prison when a malfunctioning lift traps a bevy of posh Bostonians between two floors of their upscale apartment building. Somerset Maugham.

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Looking for a play that combines romance, intrigue, and profound insight into the human condition? Fans of top-notch dramatic writing will appreciate W. Somerset Maugham's Caesar's Wife, which explores an unusual love triangle between a distinguished, older dignitary, his personal secretary, and his much-younger wife. Similar ebooks.

Book William Dean Howells, the realist master known as "The Dean of American Letters", produced an enormous oeuvre of works that had a lasting influence on American literature. Dune: Volume 1. Book 1. Coveted across the known universe, melange is a prize worth killing for Product Details.

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Bemis, Young Mr. Bemis and wife, Dr. Lawton, and Jane the serving girl. Each of these people, with the exception of Jane, is prone to excess displays of confused emotion, but none more than Mrs.

The Albany Depot a Farce

As The Sleeping Car opens we discover her and her Aunt Mary ensconced in a sleeping car and engaged in conversation:. Aunt Mary. No never, child; at least not since I had such a fright bout it once, coming on from New York. Now, as I buy mine of Madame Pierrot—. It sounds so pokerish—like human flesh, you know. Howells enjoyed displaying his mastery of arcane vocabulary.

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Roberts is apprehensive about meeting her brother, Willis Campbell, for the first time in twelve years. Oh, no! She continues to persevere as is her wont. She is obsessively concerned that her husband had already met Mr. And with that, Mrs. Roberts is off and running as she expostulates on the probability of the two men coming to an amicable entente.

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In her paroxysms of trepidatious hope, she natters on disturbing her fellow passengers in their berths. A comical scene ensues when a Californian in an adjacent berth rises to the defense of Mrs. Roberts in light of the increasing grumbling from other berths all devoutly abjuring her to be quiet. At a stop in Worcester Mr. Roberts unexpectedly boards the train and begins to search for his wife with the trying assistance of a porter.

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At some point the increasingly distraught husband remembers that his wife will have a baby with her. With this information the porter is able to lead Roberts to the right car. Confusion, including a misplaced baby and mistaken identity ensues. Roberts waxes and wanes but is ever on the edge of hysteria as she is reunited with her husband.

Finally, in the manner of most farces, it all comes right.

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  • Willis and his sister and brother-in-law are happily reconciled. The Campbells and the Roberts all appear in The Smoking Car wherein each displays characteristic traits. Roberts is typically vague and preoccupied. At the top of the play, Howell sets the scene. Edward Roberts is seated, deeply absorbed in a book which he is reading.