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A third edition was published in [GB] with no change in pagination to the first volume of this edition. Tome II. The entire work consists of two volumes issued simultaneously. Two well-known beetle pests are made available in the second volume, Byrrhus taranio p. A preliminary version of the natural history part without Latin names for the taxa appeared in Miguel A. Mit 72 illuminirten Abbildungen auf 6 Tafeln. Vierte verbesserte Auflage. Otto Hendel, Halle.

Five subsequent editions were issued between and The second edition n. No information was found for the original edition. Landes-Industrie-Comptoirs, Weimar. Authorship of these names should be credited to Berthold Evenhuis a : Lehrbuch der Zoologie. Cenniniana, Firenze. The title page is dated and the preliminaries December De quibusdam coleopteris agri Ticinensis. Dissertatio inauguralis quam annuentibus perillustri d.

Bartholomaeo Panizza anatom. Universitate Ticinensi Mense Martii publicae disquisitioni offerebat una cum thesibus defendendis Betta Virginius Tirolensis e Cles. This thesis treats some of the Coleoptera found in the fields of Pavia.

The new species described are: Clivina binotata p. None of these species were recorded by Sherborn in his Index Animalium. Filtsch, Hermannstadt. The work contains a section on the fauna of Transylvania; a list of beetle species pp. Monographia mylabridum. Percheron : 30 and Engelmann : mentioned another edition, issued in , but according to Sherborn a : xxiv the edition does not exist.

Agassiz : listed the publication date of this booklet as Enumeratio insectorum in museo Gust. Gadelianis, [Stockholm]. A number of new family-group names of Coleoptera and several new genus-group names are made available by the inclusion of one or more available specific names under them. Coleoptera exclusive of the Carabidae. Part II.