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All ice cream is mostly water, and as water freezes, it forms hard, crunchy ice crystals. Besides great flavor, the ultimate goal of ice cream making is to keep those crystals as small as possible through added ingredients and technique. Here's how ice cream makers fight crystallization:.

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There are some other tricks to keep ice cream soft, such as alcohol, starch, protein in egg and milk , and natural stabilizers like guar gum and carageenan, but the top four above are the big factors at play. Rich and creamy, but with noticeable fluff and body compared to gelato. Compared to today's American-style ice cream that's one made with egg yolks, as is basically the new standard in home recipes and commercial products , gelato has less fat in the base and less air churned into it during the freezing process.

Gelato, by comparison, uses more milk than cream, so it doesn't have nearly as much fat. Additionally, it usually—but not always—uses fewer to the point of none egg yolks, another source of fat in custard-based ice creams. American-style ice creams are churned fast and hard to whip in plenty of air called overrun , which is aided by the high proportion of cream in the base.

Gelato is churned at a much slower speed , which introduces less air into the base—think whipping cream by hand instead of with a stand mixer. That's why it tastes more dense than ice cream—it is. And what about sugar? Well, sugar levels vary wildly in ice cream and gelato recipes, so there's less of a hard difference there. If you make ice cream at home, you may be wondering about your ice cream machine: does it churn at ice cream speed or gelato speed?

The truth is, most of the consumer models on the market churn at about the same speed, none of which are as fast as the commercial machines used to make American-style ice cream. But you can make both ice cream and gelato in your machine—remember, air is only one of the differences between them. All these differences give gelato a more dense and milky texture that's less creamy than ice cream.

It's not thin, but it lacks the plush, buttery fullness of its American cousin. Some say that gelato has a more intense flavor than ice cream, since it has less of the tongue-coating cold fat that gets in the way of tasting things. But I think it's more accurate to say that gelato's flavors come through direct, hard, and fast, then melt away clean.

A good, flavorful ice cream can have just as intense a flavor, but you'll taste it differently. One isn't necessarily more flavorful than the other. So if gelato has less fat than ice cream, and less air pumped into it, why is it not as hard as a brick? How does it get that super-soft, almost elastic texture that looks like a swirl of frosting more than a scoop of ice cream?

It's the last big factor: temperature. Will these 2 ingredients work with an ice cream maker? Would you still do everything the same and then add it to the ice cream maker? SO glad that I came across your site and found this easy recipe of yours! I made the cinnamon bun recipe and it came out delicious! I definitely didnt know it would be this easy.

Going to experiment with many different options now and start making this all the time! Thanks again! I just tried my own version of this recipe, and I could not be happier!

I used white chocolate and fresh mint in the ice cream, and topped it with fresh raspberries. It was really easy to make. I quickly realized that method did not work well with this recipe. It froze better when simply left alone. After about hours I had a soft serve consistency that was extra creamy. I made this and mixed in half a jar of Nutella and some crushed Oreos.

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Everyone loved it. It is creamy and decadent. My husband loved it so much he was in agony when I tried to share half of it with my neighbour. He even reminded me she was a heart patient! Thank you for sharing this. It is such an easy recipe, I will be definitely making it again.

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I have a question. I know a lot of homemade ice creams get too hard in the freezer and takes forever to soften. Would that be suggested for this recipe? I appreciate your input.

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Is there a proper ratio of add-ins to basic ice cream? I love this site! Could someone tell me how to make a toasted almond ice cream? My son have begged me to make some, if not all the ice cream varieties here for him. Please tell me, how much whipped cream should I use for the recipe?

Anna Durkes

I am currently eating a delicious grapenut ice cream made using this method. I cannot believe how easy it was to whip up! The sweetness was exactly what hoped for so I think I will only opt for a full can of milk if using completely unsweetened ingredients like dark or unsweetened chocolate or tarty fruits. I stumbled upon your site just now quite by accident. I made my chocolate ice cream mixture this morning, and went out to my freezer to bring in my freezer dish for my Deni Soft Serve ice cream maker.

Where in the world could it be??? I scoured the house from top to bottom trying to find it, but it was nowhere to be found!

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I remembered; it got dropped and broken this past summer!!! Now what do I do??? The internet! I decided to throw it into my BlendTec and whip it up and then freeze it. It whipped up nicely, and is out in the freezer for almost 30 minutes now. Then I came back to my computer and saw your link!

click Great minds think alike! My innovation is right up there with your innovation! The only difference is that I used Stevia as a sweetener, so I can enjoy full fat, carb free we know now that fat is NOT the enemy; carbs are ice cream, while watching the Olympics in Sochi. Finally, a safe snack!!! Finding this recipe opened a whole new universe to me! I have some in the freezer! I baked chocolate chip cookies and threw in some butterscotch chips!! Soooo easy and from the taste I got from the spoon… It is going to be delicious!!

Thank you Amanda!!!!! I love the result of this recipe , the ice cream is so creamy and i can make lots of different flavors from this. But its to sweet for me, so i reduce the amount of condensed milk and it still awesome.