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Who is flora's mother? What is her name? See 1 question about Highlander Unchained….

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Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Aug 23, Heather rated it liked it. View all 11 comments. McCarty brings Flora and Lachlan to life with a flourish. And one that leads him to kidnapping Flora McLeod, a pampered lady of the court who 4.

And one that leads him to kidnapping Flora McLeod, a pampered lady of the court who is determined to make her own choices in life, not be dictated to by her brothers and cousin, and most importantly, not be used for her wealth and position. Flora is headstrong and oft times, too set in her ways. She frustrates Lachlan to no end with her childish behavior and as the reader I sympathized with his feelings and the dilemmas he finds himself in when it comes to the ethereal beauty, Flora.

Lachlan is a brooding, protective and devastatingly sexy. The emotional turmoil between the characters kept me on edge and it became incredibly gut wrenching towards the end. Monica McCarty does incredible work with her research and I love the little historical notes at the end of each novel. What it all comes down to though is that the MacLeods of Skye Trilogy is a must-read series that you should not pass up.

View 1 comment. Overall I like Highlander Unchained. As usual you can count on Monica McCarty to write a very good storyline with lots of sensual scenes and engaging characters. The storyline moves quickly enough and there is good back story for each character. My complaint of this story was an annoying heroin Flora MacLeod oh boy was she a nuisance brat. She was 24 which is old and on the shelf for this ear in time, but she acted like a 18 year old. The author really should not have written her so old for the character she betrayed.

The story was a bit repetitive. These are the reasons I didn't give it 5 stars. I liked the legend about the curse and the epilog was very good. So Overall this was a very good story!!

Highlander Unchained (MacLeods of Skye, book 3) by Monica McCarty

I highly Recommend the MacLeods of Skye series!! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book He was great, intense, sexy and hawwwwt, just the type I like. Yah he was a bit of a blockhead about a few things, which bugged me but ultimately, I ended up liking him and the story too. I liked Flora for the 1st half of the story, the 2nd half and the big misunderstanding part just pissed me off because I thought she was being totally stupid.

The story of the curse of Elizabeth Campbell to the MacLean clan with an amulet was simply marvelous. The reason behind it was horrible, also the fact that Elizabeth loved her husband and raised his two kids from an earlier marriage as her own. It was so heart wrenching, her thoughts and despairs, from which she finally curses the MacLeans; that the MacLeans would always be bound to the Campbells, only a true love between the two clans and the handover of the amulet could break it. Her mother set the idea in her head, since she herself was a marriage prize; bartered away in marriage with various men for greed and for political gains.

Janet Campbell was wealthy and beautiful who trusted the men of her clan with her future, which was totally destroyed with the course of time. She was married 4 times, to men much older than her and brutish. They lived in the Lowlands and were used to the court life. Flora has it all stored in her head so she planned to elope with a Lowland lord and marry on her own wishes. With her mother dead, Flora must marry for protection.

I kinda liked those scenes, seeing how she fought and knew she had fire. Flora is known throughout the court not only for her beauty and wealth and a marriage prize but also for her hoyden self.

Lachlan needed to seduce and marry Flora because of his clan and his brother John. Money has been a problem for them for sometimes now. Whatever I read of his childhood, it was a happy one but he lost his parents very early, within months of each-other. Apart from younger brother John, the two younger sisters Mary and Gillian are his family. He wanted Lachlan dead, no matter what. So when Lachlan was negotiating with Argyll, with whom he has the bindings of manrent , Hector stormed the Breacachadh castle in Coll and took it.

Now Lachlan not only has to free John but also the castle. So Lachlan agrees and abducts her. On his way to Drimnin in Falkirk? Flora is totally incensed by this new development. Oh but the man is very handsome, ruggedly so, with dark hair and bright blue eyes. In Drimnin, she meets Mary and Gilli. They like each-other on spot. Gilli is more like herself, all vivacious in spirit and beauty. Flora is very interested in the match since its apparent these two are very much in love.

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He totally loves his sisters, albeit not showing it well. Flora, at first, tries some misadventures such as putting too much salt in his meals or oiling his weapons with smelly oil and so on just to rile him up.

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But Lachlan is not so easily provoked. They share a few kisses and touches that set them both on fire, especially Lachlan, who has a very healthy sexual appetite. This is why I was very uncomfortable to know that in Drimnin, the healer woman of the clan was his current mistress.

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Flora got to know it from a Soon, Lachlan throws a feast for his forthcoming nuptials. That day, while she was getting out of her bath, Lachlan comes in without thinking and … well you can guess, seeing Flora in a thin linen, Lachlan is all gone. He was already tethering on the edge, thinking about visiting his mistress but this is just sheer torture for him.

I think she lived there. She was also invited to the feast and knew why it was thrown. When Lachlan saw her, he thinks about going to her again and to offer explanations about his upcoming marriage. The woman was bold, to my utter disgust. This bugged me to no end. But she notices one woman keep giving him inviting glances. Lachlan, goes to see the woman to tell her about the marriage. Lord but that was utterly disgusting to read. Lachlan was actually thinking of giving in again when he realizes how calculating she was and breaks off from her, threatening her not to make trouble in his marriage.

Flora saw the whole thing from a window immediately understanding her relationship with Lachlan as she was about to go talk to Mary, who was moping because Lachlan forbade her match with Allan. Flora was already giving lessons on Scots to Mary and Gilli. In the meantime, Flora plans an escape as she and Lachlan fought over their mutual disagreement on the marriage. She knew how close Hector is now so she decides to go to him.

A boat ride would be the easy way out. Either way, she makes an escape and takes an old fishing boat to Breacachadh castle. But we get to learn how Hector is abusing the people in the Breacachadh, because he hates Lachlan and the people of Coll in general. There was a scene with him and a maid servant, it was so utterly vile, the way he treated the woman that I wanted to cut off his balls!

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I still feel shudders when I think of it. Not only this one but another scene suggested that he wanted to rape a young girl because the older sister the aforementioned maid was not available. Though I saw nothing of it later on, it gave me chills, how he was forcing their mother to bring one of the girls.

Lachlan, in the meantime, wanted to apologies in his way to her. Search parties are immediately sent to all directions.

Oh, I knew the guy has fallen already. Then, with his superb intuition, he understands how Flora might escape. His nightmare comes to life as he finds Flora floating somehow on the water. This was some scene.